Museum Kastrupgårdsamlingen


solo exhibition museum Kastrupgaard

The journey of the blue salmon

Museum Kastrupgårdsamlingen, Copenhagen

7. october 2021 – January 23, 2022

The exhibition features Pia Andersen’s oil paintings and works on paper as well as her porcelain made in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen porcelain. Pia Andersen has also collaborated with Tinajas Moreno Leon to create large ceramic pots. And finally, you can see her glass plates created in collaboration with Per Hebsgaard.

The museum has created the publication “The Journey of The Blue Salmon” with text by art historian Dr. Elena Sadykova.

A partial view of the wall with the series of ‘Snapshot’ paintings

solo exhibition museum Kastrupgaard

Large earthenware jar in collaboration with Tinajas Moreno Leon.

solo exhibition museum Kastrupgaard