El limonero – the lemon tree

Oil on canvas2024

H: 100 cm

W: 70 cm

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el limonero-the lemon tree

Golden lemons peek through lustrous green leaves, basking beneath a sky as blue as a summer’s day. The abstract dance of light and color invites your senses to a sunlit orchard, where ripe abundance and gentle breezes whisper secrets of the earth’s bounty.

Immerse yourself in the lush texture of thick layers of oil paint —each spatula stroke a symphony of movement on canvas. The rich, tactile surface invites your senses to dance through vibrant peaks and valleys, capturing the essence of raw emotion and vivid color.

detail of el limonero - the lemontreeDetail of the heavy layered strokes of the spatula

 close up of el limonero-the - lemon treeHere you can take a closer look upon the myriad of colors that compose the painting