About the artist Pia Andersen

Light and color are my themes.

I paint nature as I experience it and by doing so, I create a new nature, a personal surface of texture and color, a different kind of nature.
Nature is not only fields, woods and lakes. You find nature in innumerable variations and forms.
My inspiration comes from the countries I have visited, the mountains I have climbed, the light shining in a certain way in a specific moment.

Light always has been of major interest. I am working with the light in the surface, in the layers and in my themes.
The way I apply the paint allows me to manipulate the light. An uneven surface creates several small shadows.
The layers in the painting allows me to construct a color from dark towards light or vice versa, guiding the light of the painting in a completely physical way.

“Painting is a constant process of renewal and discovery”: Joan Mitchell.

I work intuitively using the impressions from my daily life, art I have seen, travels I have made and nature I have lived.
When I have constructed the framework of a painting, I add a color. This color pushes the composition and not only demands, but defines the next color.
Here starts the dialogue with the painting.

You must dare without knowing when or where it ends, let go and direct in one movement.

My studio is a laboratory of visual alchemy. Color is not only what the eye registers; it is the memory of the color. One color is born by the disappearance of another like when the sun moves, or a leaf is turned. Like color is relative, born by its neighbors; perception also is relative, depending on the knowledge, history and situation of the spectator.

Painting is my attempt to communicate consciously and unconsciously.

I want my paintings to activate the memories of the viewer; to create a pleasant but also puzzling presence and to provoke associations.

Pia Andersen