The Journey of The Blue Salmon

Text by dr. Elena Sadykova


Art Center Silkeborg Bad and Museum Kastrupgårdsamlingen, Denmark

For more than three decades, the attention of the art world has repeatedly focused on the work of the Danish painter Pia Andersen. Enchanted you look at her works with relief-like surfaces flooded with light, that seem to be woven...

Landscape revisited

Text by Torben Weirup


Library of Alexandria, Egypt

An introduction to Pia Andersen. The Danish painter Pia Andersen was born in 1960 in Frederikshavn, a small harbour town in northern Jutland. She describes her childhood as safe and harmonious. Her parents ran a florist shop, and both are...

Summer Lightning

Text by Allis Helleland


DCA Gallery, New York and Antíguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico City

At the Prado in Madrid, visitors can find Francisco Goya's dramatic painting of the Colossus from 1808, the time of the Napoleonic wars. The image is divided horizontally. The lower part shows a dark, stormy landscape. The top part depicts...

Into the landscape

Text by Torben Weirup


DCA Gallery, New York

Pia Andersen´s new paintings are about landscape. The landscape is not an unknown motif in painting - but Pia Andersen´s paintings describe, nay, ARE landscapes in their own somewhat particular way. Upon a first glance one cannot see what they...


Text by Pia Andersen


Galerie Müller, Schütz und Rohs, Cologne, Germany

In new surroundings, on the travel, the senses are sharpened. Slowly the eye uncovers new angles. New interactions appear, and the contrast to the well-known becomes the starting point of new sketches. The strange is explored. Elements are examined and...

The existence of colour

Text by dr. emeritus Øystein Hjort


Storstrøm museum of fine arts - Hjørring museum of fine arts and Kunsthaus Lübeck

The classic challenge of travel distances one from the commonplace and through that distancing a new view which can mean both clarity and development appears. It is an experience from which Pia Andersen builds her artistic universe. Colour, from the...

Describing the world as colour

Text by Peter Michael Hornung


Galerie Moderne, Silkeborg, Denmark

Through the artist nature comes off on the square of the picture. And it does so in just as many ways as artistic approaches to the visible exist. It would be a discreet understatement to say that Pia Andersen paints...

Spheres of light and space

Text by dr. Dorothea Eimert


Nikolaj Art Center, Copenhagen and Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany

Pia Andersen is trying out new ways in the painting. She paints with paper, glue and pigments. In the utility of textures and paper-structures she is showing multiplicity and imagination. However she is not only exploring colour and texture, but...

From structure to disruption

Text by Torben Weirup


Nikolaj Art Center, Copenhagen and Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany

Reflections on the new works of Pia Andersen. The latest works of Pia Andersen indicate a rapid artistic maturing and fruitful meeting with another artistic tradition and its colour tone. An amazing short time has passed through The Large Hourglass,...